10 high-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree

10 high-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree
10 high-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree is a great way to set yourself up for success in the job market. With the right qualifications, you can find a job that offers you a high salary and a great career path. In this blog post, we'll look at 10 high-paying jobs you can get with a bachelor's degree. We'll cover the qualifications and job duties associated with each of these positions, as well as the potential salary range and job outlook. Keep reading to find out more about these great opportunities.


Psychologists use their knowledge of human behavior to help people understand, explain, and change their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. They can diagnose and treat mental health issues and provide psychotherapy or counseling. Psychologists typically need to have a doctoral degree in psychology and may need to obtain licensure or certification depending on their specialty and location. With a bachelor's degree, individuals can often find work as research assistants or as support staff in a clinical setting. Salaries vary greatly by specialization and experience, but overall, psychologists tend to be highly paid-professionals.

Chief Executives

Chief Executives are in charge of a company’s overall operations and performance. They make important decisions regarding budgets, personnel, and business strategy. Chief Executives typically have at least a bachelor's degree in business or a related field. They must have a combination of business management, leadership, and decision-making skills to be successful in this role. The median annual salary for Chief Executives is over $200,000. With the right experience and education, this high-paying job can be yours.


Dentists are among the highest-paid professionals with a bachelor's degree. They examine patients' teeth, diagnose oral problems, and recommend treatment plans. They also provide preventive care, fill cavities, extract teeth, and may make prosthetic devices such as dentures or braces. Dentists work closely with dental hygienists and other assistants to provide comprehensive dental care. To become a dentist, one must have a four-year dental degree and then pass a state-level exam. Salaries vary depending on geographical location, experience, and type of practice, but the median annual salary of dentists is around $154,000. With the right qualifications and experience, one can expect to earn significantly more than this.

Petroleum Engineers

Petroleum engineers work to design, develop, and manage the extraction of oil and gas from underground deposits. They play a key role in ensuring safety, productivity, and economic viability for their organization. Petroleum engineers use their technical knowledge to identify resources, assess the feasibility of extracting them, and develop cost-effective methods to do so. They may also be involved in monitoring production, managing budgets and personnel, and optimizing well performance. A bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering is necessary for this profession, as is a background in engineering principles and techniques, such as fluid dynamics, chemistry, and mathematics. With the average salary for petroleum engineers at $137,170, it's an excellent choice for those looking for a well-paying career.

Computer and Information Systems Managers

Computer and Information Systems Managers are responsible for planning, coordinating, and directing all computer-related activities within an organization. They oversee the installation of new systems, monitor their performance, and ensure that the organization's network security is up-to-date. They also analyze existing systems and recommend ways to improve them. In addition to a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology, this job requires extensive knowledge of software and hardware, networking, programming languages, and database management. The annual median salary for this position is $146,360.

Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers

Airline Pilots, Copilots, and Flight Engineers are in charge of safely transporting passengers from one place to another. They have a very high-paying jobs with an average annual salary of over $140,000. They must obtain their Commercial Pilot’s License to be eligible for these jobs, which require a combination of academic and hands-on flight experience. In addition to flying the aircraft, they must also oversee the operations of the entire crew, including maintenance personnel. They need to remain up to date on weather conditions and safety regulations, ensuring the aircraft is operating safely at all times. The job can be incredibly rewarding and can offer a great sense of accomplishment.

Architectural and Engineering Managers

Architectural and engineering managers plan, direct, and coordinate activities in architecture and engineering companies. They ensure projects are completed within the allotted budget and timelines. They typically have a bachelor's degree in architecture or engineering, and many employers prefer candidates with a master's degree and/or prior work experience.

The average salary for architectural and engineering managers is over $140,000 per year. With this kind of income potential, these types of positions are highly sought after and often come with additional benefits such as healthcare, 401(k) plans, and bonuses. To be successful in this role, strong problem-solving skills and communication abilities are essential. Additionally, the ability to work well with clients and colleagues is a must.

Marketing Managers

Marketing managers oversee the development and implementation of marketing plans for their organization. They’re responsible for managing staff, budgeting, planning advertising campaigns, developing pricing strategies, and ensuring that products and services meet customer needs. To become a marketing manager, a bachelor's degree in marketing or a related field is usually required. With the right qualifications and experience, marketing managers can expect to earn an average annual salary of $132,620. This makes it one of the highest-paying jobs available with a bachelor's degree.

Financial Managers

Financial Managers are responsible for managing the financial activities of an organization. They produce financial reports, direct investment activities, and develop strategies and plans for the long-term financial goals of the company. Financial Managers analyze data to inform decisions on allocating resources and establishing policies. They also oversee compliance with regulations and legislation regarding financial matters. With a bachelor's degree in finance, accounting, or a related field, Financial Managers can expect to make an average of $126,660 per year. With experience, it is not uncommon for salaries to exceed $200,000.

Natural Sciences Managers

A bachelor's degree in a scientific field is the key to becoming a natural sciences manager. Natural sciences managers plan, direct, and coordinate activities related to research and development in areas such as biotechnology, life sciences, and physical sciences. They are responsible for managing budgets, supervising staff, evaluating work performance, and helping teams set goals. Additionally, they analyze the results of research and development efforts, create reports, and maintain regulatory compliance. With a median salary of over $140,000 per year, a career as a natural sciences manager can be extremely rewarding.

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