Imran Khan asks sympathizers to gear up for' Jail Bharo' movement


 PTI  principal rules out  road  demurrers due to deteriorating frugality. 

“Wait for my signal and we will grant them their wish to imprison us.

Imran Khan condemns the government for arresting PTI leaders.

LAHORE Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf( PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday asked his workers and  sympathizers to prepare for' Jail Bharo' movement across the country. 

Khan's comments come in the wake of sedition cases filed against his party's senior vice-president Fawad Chaudhry and former National Assembly member Shandana Gulzar, while senator Azam Swati and Shahbaz Gill were earlier accused of speaking against the army.

During his televised address, the ousted prime minister said his party could have opted for a nationwide strike but will instead choose to fill prisons in light of fears the country's economy could deteriorate further.

" We've two options Considering what they were doing, we could have gone on strike and demonstrated which is also the way and the popular way." 

"But since the condition of the economy is so bad, it will get worse. That's why I am asking all my workers, the Pakistani nation and everyone to prepare for the Jail Bharo movement," Khan said.

Addressing the youth and the nation, the former prime minister added that his party will not remain silent on the violence perpetrated on his party members. “Instead of destruction, we would now prepare the Jail Bharo movement.

" It was their plan to weaken the Tehreek-e-Insaf through intimidation and  pitfalls," the PTI chief said. 

Khan claimed that his party had never committed such atrocities during his tenure as the Pakistan Democracy Movement on Wednesday.

“Fawad Chaudhry was picked up from home at 3am. What did Shandana Gulzar do to become a terrorist? As the court grants bail to Sheikh Rashid, more cases are pending against him,” the PTI chairman said, insisting on how action was taken against anyone who called for regime change.

The former prime minister said human rights abuses have continued since the "imported government" came in.

“No precedent can be found for the manner in which Shehbaz Gill was tortured. The effects of torture still linger on him,” Khan said.

Talking about the assassination attempt on himself, the PTI chairman said he could not register an FIR of his choice despite being a former prime minister. However, he said that 60 FIRs have been lodged against him.

Criticizing the PDM government for not being able to control the soaring dollar rates, Khan said, “When the assembly came on the basis of the no-confidence motion, the dollar was at Rs 178. The dollar [rates] increased by Rs 50 during the week.

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