What are the latest prices of Suzuki cars?

 Pak Suzuki Motor Company( PSMC) decided to hike the prices of its  colorful auto models by over to Rs,000, a  announcement issued by the carmaker said Wednesday.   before on Monday, Honda Atlas buses — owing to the “ uncertain  profitable conditions ” — decided to pass the burden on to its guests by increasing the price of its CKD models by over to Rs,000.   The  machine company said the revised retail  trade prices will come into effect from January 25, 2023.   Furthermore, there is a breakdown of the prices of the models   As per the  announcement, the revised retail prices are inclusive of FED and deals  duty and exclusive of advance income  duty.   It added that the prices are subject to change without any  previous notice and prices at the time of delivery shall apply.  " Any government  levies and  impositions valid at the time of delivery shall be borne by the  guests," said the company.   Shafiq Ahmed, the  prophet of the PSMC, said that the  machine company has passed a"  minimum portion of rising charges and  profitable  query" to its  guests. 


Old Prices

New Prices


Alto VX1,699,0001,859,000+160,000
Alto VXR 1,976,0002,156,000+180,000
Alto VXR AGS 2,120,0002,310,000+190,000
Alto AGS2,223,0002,423,000+200,000
Wagon R VXR 2,421,0002,629,000+208,000
Wagon R VXL 2,564,0002,789,000+225,000
Wagon R AGS 2,802,0003,059,000+257,000
Cultus VXR 2,754,0003,039,000+285,000
Cultus VXL 3,024,0003,339,000+315,000
Cultus AGS 3,234,0003,569,000+335,000
Swift GL MT3,180,0003,479,000+299,000
Swift GL CVT3,420,0003,742,000+322,000
Swift GLX CVT3,760,0004,115,000+355,000
Ravi 1,424,0001,539,000+115,000
Ravi w/o Deck 1,349,0001,464,000+ 115,000
Bolan Van 1,500,0001,619,000+119,000
Bolan Cargo1,487,0001,606,000+119,000

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