OGRA says reports about hike in price of petroleum products' deceiving'

OGRA says reports about hike in price of petroleum products 'misleading'

OGRA advises against spreading misinformation in public interest.  Rs83 per litre increase  enterprises  touched off rush at petrol stations.  Govt likely to increase petrol price by Rs20- 21 to assuage IMF.  The oil painting and Gas Regulatory Authority( OGRA) Saturday said the academic  petrol and diesel price hike, reported in media channels, is" misleading", reported The News.   In a brief statement, OGRA  prophet Imran Ghaznavi said “ It has been observed that academic  prices of petrol and diesel are being reported in the print and electronic media since last evening( Saturday), ” adding that the reports are “  deceiving and incorrect ”.   People started rushing to petrol stations amid  enterprises about the government anticipated to increase petrol prices by nearly Rs83 per litre. 

The nonsupervisory authority advised, “ the  rudiments, spreading  deceiving and incorrect information, to avoid  propagating academic  prices of petroleum products in the public interest. ”   still, in line with the government's end of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) move, the Treasury is expected to raise the price of petrol prices by Rs20- 21 and diesel by Rs25 in the upcoming fortnightly review.   

It should be note that the massive depreciation of the rupee against the US bone

in the last two days, it would not reflect much in the review due on January 31 (Tuesday) as the average exchange rate would hover at Rs 240, information gathered from the country's oil painting sector showed. however, it was noted that the fortnightly review to be conducted on February 15 will reflect a significant increase in domestic oil prices due to the depreciation of the rupee. "Sharp assessment of bone."

against the rupee in the last two sessions would be reflected in the adjustment of oil prices on February 15, when the bone

the rate calculation would start from Rs 260,” said well-informed people in oil painting.   No energy  deficit  before on Tuesday, the  controller  explosively rebutted  enterprises over the  deficit of POL products, especially petrol and diesel in Pakistan, and said that sufficient stocks were available.   A statement by the OGRA  prophet read that the country had sufficient petrol and diesel stocks for meeting the  requirements of 18 and 37 days independently.   It added “ likewise,  vessels carrying,000 MT( Metric Ton) petrol is at  situation/  external  harborage. ”   

The statement was issued after a countrywide power breakdown that  touched off  enterprises that the country was running out of energy to run its power  shops. 

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