Mickey Arthur to be hired as ‘director’, not head coach

An undated photograph of Mickey Arthur

Not long after the  advertisement that Mickey Arthur was to be Pakistan’s first “ online ” trainer, the Pakistan Cricket Board( PCB)  blazoned that it would  rather appoint Arthur as “  platoon director ”  rather of head trainer, sources said on Monday.   

It has been decided that the position of head trainer of the Pakistan justice  platoon will be terminated, since the board is aiming to work with assistant trainers, and not head trainers, sources revealed. 

The PCB will hire three assistant trainers for fur, bowling, and fielding along with the former South African cricketer.   

before, sources had told Geo News that New Zealand's former Test cricketer entitlement Bradburn is likely to return to the Pakistan justice setup.   Bradburn, who remained the fielding trainer of the Pakistan men's  platoon from 2018 to 2020, is most likely to come Pakistan men's  platoon assistant trainer.   

Arthur, who led Pakistan to its first- ever ICC titleholders jewel in 2017, will be the  platoon director and look after all matters.   still, the former Pakistan trainer won't be available to the  public side during the English county season, according to the anticipated contract.   Arthur will be with the  platoon for the ODI World Cup 2023 and Australia  stint.   before, it was reported that Arthur had agreed to take up a  guiding  part online until this year's ICC World Cup, which is shown in India.   

Reliable sources told The Jang that Arthur will be available on site for many tasks indeed. The former coach has promised the PCB that he will join the team in India this time for the 50-overs mega event. In the meantime, he will continue to work for Derbyshire County Cricket Club as a full-time coach.   

On the other hand, the  public justice governing body has decided to appoint a Chief of Staff for Arthur.   Islamabad United General Manager Rehanul Haq is likely to be appointed as the  platoon  director, replacing Mansoor Rana.   The former Sri Lanka trainer is likely to come to Lahore in the first week of April.

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