Mickey Arthur is likely to be Pakistan's first 'online' coach

Mickey Arthur photographed on June 3, 2019

Later much will he, wo n’t he, it seems that Pakistan’s former head trainer Mickey Arthur may take up the mantle of  guiding the  public  platoon again.   

According to sources, the Pakistan Cricket Board( PCB)  operation commission will finalise the contract with Arthur within the coming two weeks.   still, the former head trainer is anticipated to take up the  guiding  part rather unconventionally this time. 

This time around, he'll trainer the  platoon online until today's ICC World Cup, which is staged in India at the end of 2023. Reliable sources told Jang that Arthur will be available at the site for many tasks indeed, but the former coach has promised the PCB that he will join the squad this time in India on 50 overs mega event. In the meantime, he will continue to work for Derbyshire County Cricket Club as a full-time coach.  

Arthur’s contract is a  veritably  intriguing one and will be the first of its kind. PCB’s  operation commission headed by Najam Sethi seems  relatively eager to  mileage his services following his  former record with the  public  platoon.   The trainer, who hails from South Africa and served as Pakistan's head trainer from 2016- 2019, will also suggest implicit  campaigners for the  public side’s fur and bowling trainers.   also, PCB will appoint an adjunct for Arthur, who'll serve with the  platoon on the ground in his absence. 

Arthur will be available to guide the players online.   Najam Sethi’s statement on Arthur  before this month, Sethi, in his press conference,  suggested that Arthur will be brought in as head trainer of the  public side.   

” Mickey Arthur's chapter isn't closed as of yet. I'm in contact with him  tête-à-tête. His return is still on the table," the  president  operation commission had said.   

Under Arthur's coaching, Pakistan won its first- ever titleholders jewel title in 2017. Pakistan also won record 11  successive T20I series.

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