Latest price of Honda cars after rate hike


Owing to the “ uncertain  profitable conditions ”, Honda Atlas buses Monday decided pass the burden on to their guests by increasing the price of their CKD models.   The carmaker cited affectation in material cost and volatility of forex as two major reasons behind its decision to increase the prices by over to Rs,000, a  announcement issued in this regard said, with the new rates coming into effect from January 23, 2023.   The news retail  trade price( RSP) would be applicable on all new orders  reserved from January 23, and onwards.   Furthermore, there is a breakdown of the prices of the models   Variants  Old Prices  News Prices  Difference  megacity MT1.2 L Rs Rs  Rs300- 000  City CVT1.2 L  Rs  Rs  Rs,000  City CVT1.5 L  Rs  Rs  Rs,000  City Asp MT1.5 L Rs Rs  Rs,000  City Asp CVT1.5 L Rs Rs  Rs,000  BR- V CVT S Rs  Rs  Rs,000  HR- V VTI Rs Rs  Rs,000  HR- V- VTI S Rs Rs  Rs,000  Civic1.5 L M CVT Rs  Rs  Rs,000  Civic1.5 L Oriel M CVT  Rs  Rs  Rs,000  Civic RS1.5 LL CVT  Rs  Rs  Rs,000  It should be noted that all orders created till January 21 with complete payments( instrument date till January 21 will be assessed on the  former retail  trade price.   Meanwhile, unclear aggregate back order as on January 21 for which the full/ balance payment instrument is dated after January 21 will be assessed on the price prevailing at the time of delivery.   The company also mentioned that these prices —ex-factory rates inclusive of deals  duty, civil excise duty and CVT —  over mentioned are provisional and the price valid at the time of delivery will be final.   The  guests would also bear any government  duty valid at the time of delivery and the married delivery time may delay due to the current uncertain import situation. 

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